Candice Jones | Charles Hay 

We're a dog walking service that provides an outlet for exercise, activity and interaction, enhancing owner/pet relationships through a safe, patient and caring environment.  

We're more than just a walk.


Candice Jones, CDW 


Growing up, Candice always had a love for animals and was lucky enough to live in a household with many pets.  So naturally when the opportunity arose to work as a Vet Assistant at The Links Road Animal and Bird Clinic in North York, she jumped on it.  

In her almost 3 years as a Vet Assistant, Candice gained experience handling and caring for animals in their most vulnerable state.  Ensuring your furry (and sometimes not so furry) loved ones get the best possible treatment, while in her care, has become a passion and source of joy for Candice.

Candice is a Certified Dog Walker Through the Dog Tec Dog Walking Academy and has received her certification for Pet First Aid.  

After 9 years working in retail management and e-commerce, Candice has decided to return to a career in pet services once again!

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Charles Hay


Looking for someone who cares as much as you do for your pet?  Charles is the man for the job.  

Charles is certified in Pet First Aid and takes the time with each individual dog to give them the attention and affection they deserve.

Just like our furry friends, Charles is playful and alert, never short of a witty pun and good laugh.

Prior to becoming a dog walker, Charles has held the title of National Account Manager at Sony BMG, Orders Resolution Specialist at and has his Red Seal in Carpentry.  He's a man of many talents, applying his years of professional experience and work ethic  to walk and care for your furry pals.

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Augustus (Gus) Jones

Who is Gus anyway?

Augustus (Gus) Jones belongs to part owner and founder of Walk With Gus, Candice Jones.  

In August 2012, Candice was taking time out of work to recharge.  All Candice needed was a few months off work and just enough time for her to get a puppy, do some training with her dog and get back into a regular routine. 

Like most puppies, Gus was a little much for his family to care for at 3 months of age, so they posted and ad on Kijiji to re-home him.  Gus's family was looking for someone who could give him the time, attention and exercise he required.   Candice came across the ad one day in August and set a meeting with Gus's family.  By dinner time that very same day, Gus had found his new home.

Over the years, Gus has stolen the heart of many of Candice's friends and family.  Gus has also become the inspiration for Candice and Charles to begin Walk With Gus Dog Walking and Pet Service.  

It is said that life is too short, for dogs and most pets it's even shorter.  Being able to provide Gus with a life full of fun, adventure and love has become a huge source of joy and fulfillment for the two owners of Walk With Gus.  Through their ever growing passion for animals, Candice and Charles are committed to offering the same care and fun to their clients pets.

Augustus Jones will continue to inspire Candice and Charles long after he is gone, but for the time being they're going to live life to the fullest!

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